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●●ACTION woman Clare Waterfall-Hallam is aiming to help get Valley on the move (November 5):

Michelle Richens: Well done, I admire people like this x

Paul Jenkins: Brilliant stuff

Ume Khan: Well done

Jen Whittle: Inspiring as always

Natalie McSettle: Well done, Clare. Amazing x

Helen Mcvey: Fantastic

Clare Waterfall-Hallam lovely story x ●●COURT threat as Rossendale Council cracks down on ‘illegal’ events at Bacup’s former St John’s the Evangelist Church (see p6):

Jon Lowe: Only in Rossendale

Kelly Reeves: Council need to get a grip - instead of wasting money

Clare Louise Welch: So instead of it being put to good use and benefittin­g the area and local economy it should sit derelict and unused? Madness!

Baronessa Whiteford: When the price of a crime is a fine, then it’s only the poor that get penalised.

Trish Dobbs: When your own council fights against anything that betters the community! Yet offers nothing themselves. Well done! Watch out Bacup Pride! They might fine you for loitering when you are tidying and prettying up the town.

Helen Fletcher:

Absolutely unbelievab­le. well done Rossendale’ve done yourself proud..NOT.!

Samantha Jackson:

Ridiculous! The council need to look at the derelict buildings in Bacup and fine the owners of them

●●CASH boost for a move to restore the

Valley railway line (November 5):

Jo Jo Clarke: I think that’s a good idea. I assume the tracks or what’s left of them are still there? It would get a lot of traffic off the roads. Maybe in future a link to Blackburn.

Francesca Addy: About time!

Em Bingham: Fantastic idea

Melissa Phillipson: 100% a brilliant idea!

Rogerio Santos: Great! Curious to see ticket prices.

Marie Marsden: Should never have been stopped. Another Conservati­ve disaster.

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