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Photo fans snap up double delight


EAGLE-EYED photograph­ers snapped some stunning rainbows over the Valley – including the prized double rainbow.

Double rainbows are formed when sunlight is reflected twice within a raindrop with the violet light that reaches the observer’s eye coming from the higher raindrops, and the red light from lower raindrops.

Lisa Lundy said: “Me and my girls caught this amazing double rainbow over Road End, Haslingden last weekend.”

Tracy Hoare captured the similar awe-inspiring effect in the skies above Rawtenstal­l.

The faint outline of a secondary arc alongside a vivid rainbow also just be detected on Beth Solazzo’s evocative image captured from Seat Naze over Newchurch.

And dark, brooding skies accompanie­d a rainbow over Bacup, taken by Danielle King.

Danielle said: “Perfect rainbow on Monday morning up Lee Mill.”

The Met Office says: “A double rainbow is a wonderful sight where you get two spectacula­r natural displays for the price of one. Surprising­ly, this phenomenon is actually relatively common.”

I’ve tested positive for Covid19, but can I still get a booster?

Yes, but you should wait 28 days before booking if you’ve had a positive Covid test, starting from the date you had the test.

Can I get a flu jab at the same time as my Covid booster?

You’re likely to be offered them at separate appointmen­ts, but if you are offered both, it’s safe to have them at the same time.

“We are facing a challengin­g winter, but we can all help ourselves and those around us by taking up the Covid-19 booster and flu vaccine, if eligible.

“Getting vaccinated against both viruses will not only help to protect us and our loved ones, but also help protect the NHS from potential strain this winter.”

Dr Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency “The NHS Covid-19 vaccine programme, the largest and most successful in NHS history, has protected millions of people and saved around 130,000 lives.

“Flu and Covid-19 both cost lives and the increased threat from the two deadly viruses this winter makes it even more important for people to continue sticking to good habits like washing their hands regularly.

“Anyone eligible should have their flu vaccine as soon as possible, and their Covid-19 booster once it has been at least six months since their second vaccine. The vaccines are safe, effective and the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones this winter.”

NHS deputy vaccinatio­n programme lead Dr Nikki Kanani

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