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Martin clinches Sunnybank Masters title


IAN Martin claimed the Sunnybank Snooker Masters title against Burnley potter Simon Blackwell in a high scoring and entertaini­ng affair, overseen by referee Tommy Hannan.

The final was played to the best of 9 frames at the Sunnybank Club in Rossendale, with lan eventually winning 5-1.

Although a one-sided scoreline, the match was much closer in reality. With four breaks over 60 including a magnificen­t 112 Century clearance by Simon Blackwell, it was nip and tuck between both players throughout, with only a pot here and there separating the two.

There was a short 30min interval after the 4th frame for refreshmen­ts, play then resumed and Simon was straight back to business, looking to even up the frame score.

Simon began to show strength and character and looked like quickly pulling the score back.

However the balls could of been kinder for the Burnley man, who suffered a string of bad luck with several shots leaving lan a further chance to steer clear ahead. Ian didn’t waste any time taking advantage and pulled ahead to eventually clinch the final frame.

A sigh of relief from the Bury mans supporters was heard followed by a tremendous round of applause from the crowd on taking the final pot to secure victory.

The Presentati­on followed, led by tournament director Ed Holgate. Simon Blackwell received the runners up prize of £200 plus the tournament high break prize of £150.

lan was then finally presented with the Sunnybank Masters Trophy and the winners top prize of £400. The Sunnybank Masters is a 16 player knockout competitio­n featuring some of the most talented players from the local surroundin­g areas of

Lancashire. Both Simon and lan made it through several gruelling matches previously and contested a fantastic final in front of a packed Sunnybank crowd. The club and tournament officials would like to thank all players and supporters for there part in making this years event a memorable one.

For anyone interested, Jimmy White will be visiting the club on 17th December, tickets can be purchased from Steve Rammsbotto­m on 07966 512708.

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