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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who wrote The Hunting of the Snark?

A Lewis Carroll

B Robert Burns

C Dylan Thomas

D Seamus Heaney

2. Which common garden bird has the Latin name Parus caeruleus?

A Swallow

B Thrush

C Blue tit

D Sparrow

3. Which metal is symbolised by the letters Co?

A Carbon

B Copper

C Chromium

D Cobalt

4. Which TV presenter was married to the late Mike Smith? A Sarah Greene

B Ulrika Johnson

C Carol Vorderman

D Leslie Ash

5. Who presented the 1980s panel show You Must Be Joking?

A Michael Barrymore B Clive Anderson C Clive James

D Terry Wogan

6. Which BBC2 sitcom starred Ed Westwick as the head of a doubleglaz­ed windows sales team, with former Inbetweene­rs cast members Joe Thomas and James Buckley?

A White Gold

B Sold

C Zapped

D The Commuter

Ed Westwick See Question 6.

7. Michael Crawford got the

chance to be a high-flying superhero in which 1981 Disney adventure?

A Barnum!

B The Rocketeer

C Condorman

D The Phantom

8. Which British poet and critic wrote the play All for Love and the verse satire Absalom and Achitophel?

A E.M. Forster

B John Dryden

C H.G. Wells

D Joseph Conrad

9. What is recorded using a sphygmoman­ometer?

A Heartbeat

B Brain activity C Blood pressure D Blood sugar levels 10. Which TV vet was trampled by a herd of sheep?

A Phillip Herriot

B James Herriot

C Thomas Herriot

D William Herriot

11. How many symphonies did Beethoven complete?

A Nine

B Five

C Twelve

D Six

12. With which orchestra was Hungarian-born conductor George Szell chiefly associated?

A London Philharmon­ic Orchestra B New York State Orchestra C Hungarian National Orchestra D Cleveland Orchestra

13. What is the highest peak in the Alps?

A Mt Pelvoux

B Mte Rosa

C Gross Glockner

D Mont Blanc

14. In which war did the Battle of Sedan take place?

A Crimean War

B The Hundred Years War C Franco-Prussian War D The First World War

15. Who stars as the budding wizard Harry Potter in the films based on J.K. Rowling’s popular novels?

A Rupert Grint

B Ewan McGregor

C Harry Melling

D Daniel Radcliffe

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