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The following events all occurred in living memory. Can you guess the year?



1. The first Jumbo landed at Heathrow Airport

2. Four students were shot dead by National Guard soldiers at Kent State University

3. Oh! Calcutta! opened at the Roundhouse in London

4. Sir Laurence Olivier was given a life peerage

1. Helsinki hosted the Summer Olympics

2. Britain exploded its first atomic bomb in a secret test off the NW coast of Australia

3. King Farouk of Egypt abdicated

4. Charlie Chaplin visited London for the first time in 21 years

C 1. Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was published

2. The censorship powers of the Lord Chamberlai­n were abolished

3. The Ronan Point tower block partly collapsed

4. Martin Luther King was assassinat­ed

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