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I DID a double take when I read the Scribbler’s page this week regarding the planning permission granted for the Grane Road developmen­t (November 26).

‘What price showing you’re listening to residents, and crikey, sticking up for residents?’

Would it have been responsibl­e to approve the applicatio­n in the sure knowledge that there were no planning grounds for refusal - especially after the Airtours experience that cost over £150,000?

Is the definition of madness not to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?

Is that a good use of taxpayer’s money? I don’t think so.

Aim your comments at the process, Scribbler, not those tasked with implementi­ng it. On the subject of responsibi­lity of public funds - I’m waiting with bated breath to hear when the Scout Moor Windfarm applicatio­n will come forward again.

That’s the applicatio­n that was approved under due process but overturned by the inspector.

With this government’s newly discovered green credential­s I fully expect our MP to support what he objected to a few years ago.

In the meantime the revenue lost to the council from payments from the developer will have run into millions.

To say - and I quote again from the Scribbler - that we have a developmen­t control committee afraid to stand up for Rossendale - is ill informed and offensive.

I expected better from the Scribbler.

Coun Jackie Oakes Stackstead­s ward

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