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THE borough council has given Taylor Wimpey the go ahead to build 131 houses on the land between Grane Road and Holcombe Road in spite of over 3,000 objections.

I myself submitted five detailed and carefully researched papers and I don’t think the planning committee paid any attention to any of them.

The planning office went through the motions of taking in my and hundreds of other objections and disregarde­d them.

The planners were fully aware that this developmen­t had little to do with Rossendale’s housing needs.

Most of the houses would be bought by outsiders with higher-thanaverag­e incomes earned in the Greater Manchester and Greater Preston areas.

It was set up to be a commuters’ paradise.

The people of Grane are furious at this decision to destroy this much-valued tract of green open space.

Moreover there are many discontent­ed people in Haslingden who think that they live in a neglected part of the borough and they are subject to diktats from Rawtenstal­l and Bacup.

My only wish now is that [this] tract of ancient mossland will sink into the metres-deep slurry of shifting sand and waterlogge­d gravel that they will churn up.

The likelihood of this is mentioned in their own ground survey.

[And that] then the [developer] will abandon the scheme at considerab­le loss to themselves.

Then who will come and clear up the mess?

Tony Hodbod,

Grane Road,


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