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Fraud on the rise in run-up to Christmas


Shoppers and businesses are being warned to expect a fraud surge ahead of Christmas.

Credit card applicatio­n fraud is likely to peak over the period, according to credit checking company Experian, which analysed data from the National Hunter fraud prevention service.

Criminals are looking to take advantage of an increase in genuine applicatio­ns to attempt to access credit using stolen personal details, Experian said.

Eduardo Castro, head of identity and fraud Experian UK and Ireland, said: “The UK is experienci­ng a severe wave of fraud which shows no signs of abating and it is highly likely, as many of us head online to do Christmas shopping, that the trend will be even more pronounced over the next month.

“The risk is to both businesses and consumers.”

Experian offers these tips to protect against identity fraud:

Do not share too much personal informatio­n on social media, such as your mother’s maiden name, home address or when you are away. Make sure privacy settings are up to date across all platforms.

Have an individual unique password for each online account.

Ensure your home wi-fi has a strong password, do not sign in into password-protected accounts on unsecured public wi-fi.

If you receive emails or text messages, always be cautious about, links or telephone numbers. If in doubt, visit the company website and contact them directly.

 ?? ?? Good tip: Have a unique password for each online account
Good tip: Have a unique password for each online account

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