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General Knowledge Crossword



1. Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea associated with a novel by Dumas (5,6)

9. John, author of Smiley’s People (2,5)

10. Sam, actor whose films include The Piano (5)

11. Giuseppe, composer of the opera Nabucco (5)

12. Ferdinand, French diplomat who campaigned for the constructi­on of a Suez Canal (7)

13. Single-edged

18c sword used principall­y in

France (6)

15. Robert M., author of Zen and the

Art of Motorcycle Maintenanc­e (6)

18. In Greek mythology, virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon (7)

20. Spiny Mediterran­ean shrub with edible flower buds (5)

22. Hastings, first prime minister of Nyasaland (5)

23. Dish of cooked rice served with tomatoes, chicken or cheese (7)

24. Fiancée of Frank Churchill in Jane Austen’s Emma (4,7)


2. Gold statuette awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (5)

3. Whitish ant-like social insect (7)

4. In the West Indies and Latin America a person of Spanish ancestry (6)

5. Hammond, author of The Mary Deare (5)

6. Any muscle with three heads (7)

7. Former president of the A.N.C. who died in 1993 (6,5)

8. Comic strip character created by Alex Raymond (5,6)

14. Tropical genus of plants cultivated for their white or purple funnel-shaped flowers (7)

16. Chisel-edged tooth at the front of the mouth (7)

17. Peninsula of Croatia whose chief city is Pula (6)

19. Richard, 1972 Olympic individual Three-day Event winner (5)

21. City in India, capital of Bihar state (5)

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