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The following events all occurred in living memory. Can you guess the year?



1. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmamen­t (CND) held its first public meeting

2. Sputnik I disintegra­ted as it entered the earth’s atmosphere

3. Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party was premiered

4. 21-year-old Garfield Sobers scored a record 365 Test runs


1. Prime Minister Edward Heath led Britain to victory in the Admiral’s Cup

2. Kurt Waldheim was selected as UN Secretary General

3. Post Office workers went on strike for the first time

4. Arsenal won the FA Cup and League double


1. Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in the US elections

2. Saudi Arabia was outraged by the ITV film Death of a Princess

3. Sixpences ceased to be legal tender

4. Polish strikers seized the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk

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