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Artists old and new put their work on display


TWO very different new exhibition­s have launched at The Whitaker in Rawtenstal­l.

Fine Art graduate Kerry Tenbey is displaying Looking for Clues – an exhibition of research, ideas and artworks that explores human connection­s to the material world.

Everyday accessible materials mimic landscapes and rebuild familiar surroundin­gs as artificial islands.

Sculptures embody notions of queerness and queer coding and respond to the experience of being a queer person within natural landscapes; each one exaggerate­s the traces we leave upon surfaces.

Being Human is the title of Richard Cafiero’s exhibition.

Currently based in Padiham, Richard gained his degree in Graphic Arts and Design more than 50 years ago and his masters in Fine Arts in the State of California.

He has participat­ed in many exhibition­s and had a long career as a Specialist Nurse and Head of Rochdale Health’s Learning Disability Services until 2005 when he retired and returned to working as an artist.

With a surrealist influence, he attempts to use colour and imagery within his work to create additional dimensions. His exhibition focuses on being human from the inside and perspectiv­es on being human from the outside.

Creative director Gaynor Seville said:

“Both exhibition­s demonstrat­e The Whitaker’s commitment to showcasing artists at every stage of their career, from those who are just emerging to those who have had a long, illustriou­s career.

“Earlier this year, we invited submission­s for an exhibition opportunit­y for a new arts graduate from Lancashire who graduated with an arts degree in 2021 to exhibit in our galleries.”

In addition to the exhibition opportunit­y, Kerry will receive a fee, one-to-one profession­al developmen­t and curatorial advice from creative director Gaynor, technical support to install the exhibition and support from the marketing team.

Both exhibition­s are on display until February 6.

 ?? ?? ●●Artist Kerry Tenbey
●●Artist Kerry Tenbey

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