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Asda has launched a new premium hyaluronic skincare line at a bargain price.

It features a Hyaluronic Plus Avocado Oil Hot Cloth Cleanser with muslin cloth – formulated to remove make up and impurities leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean; a Hyaluronic Plus Niacinamid­e serum – which helps to condition the skin and improve skin texture; Hyaluronic Plus Acacia Collagen day cream with SPF 15 formulated with rosehip oil and cocoa butter, to moisturise skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a Hyaluronic Plus Retinol night cream. And, at just £4 each, you could treat yourself to the whole range.

You know THAT shade that always gets eroded first in any eyeshadow palette you buy? So does Glossier. Its Monochrome palettes, £19, take a favourite “worn down to the pan” colour and spin it three ways: matte, satin and sparkly. They come in 10 versions, and each trio is refillable (£16) for when you’ve ground the shades to nothing. Your comfort zone has never looked so thrilling.

Guerlain Shalimar may be nearly 100 years old, but it’s a definite case of “still got it, never lost it”. The world’s first Oriental scent, it was deemed decidedly erotic when it launched in 1925, and it’s busy cementing its livinglege­nd status with a new limited edition. Shalimar Millésime Vanilla Planifolia, £89, takes the signature vanilla note that stirred the Roaring Twenties and ramps it up even more – like wriggling up a hemline that’s already dangerousl­y daring.

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