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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Of which very hard mineral are ruby and sapphire varieties?

A Diamond

B Corundum

C Quartz

D Jadeite

2. What sort of creature is a salamander?

A A mammal

B A snake

C An amphibian D A bird

3. Of which African country is Ouagadougo­u the capital?

A Kenya

B Burkina Faso

C Morocco

D Mauritania

4. In which country is the Aswan High Dam?

A France

B Egypt

C Japan

D Germany

5. Which hard grey metallic element is also called wolfram? A Potassium

B Iron

C Zinc

D Tungsten

6. Which 2009 American romantic black comedy film stars Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as childhood best friends who have made many plans together for their respective weddings, only to become sworn enemies?

A Bride & Prejudice

B Bridesmaid­s

C Bride Wars

D My Best Friend’s Wedding

7. What sort of substances are adrenaline, cortisone, insulin, oestrogens and testostero­ne? A Chromosome­s

B Lymphocyte­s

C Diodes

D Hormones

8. Which rare but often fatal form

of food poisoning is associated with improperly canned foods?

A Botulism

B Salmonella

C Staphyloco­ccus

D E. coli

9. Which American president issued the Emancipati­on Proclamati­on that freed slaves in the rebellious southern states?

A George Washington

B William H. Harrison

C John Quincy Adams

D Abraham Lincoln 10. In which Middle Eastern city is the Dome of the Rock?

A Jerusalem

B Amman

C Damascus

D Bethlehem

11. Which famous piece of embroidery records the Norman Conquest of Britain?

A The Bayeux Tapestry

B The Norman Tapestry C William’s Tapestry

D The Bagieux Tapestry

12. In which TV series did William Mervyn play a retired Scotland Yard inspector who continued to solve murder cases?

A Inspector Morse

B Bergerac

C Mr Rose

D Midsomer Murders

13. Which king of the Huns was known as the Scourge of God? A Manilla

B Bratislava

C Mana

D Attila

14. Which breed of dog has Cardigan and Pembroke varieties?

A Alsatian B Welsh Corgi C Collie D Great Dane

15. In the original TV series of Van der Valk, which actor played the title role?

A Barry Foster

B Brian Rogers

C Billy Zane

D Boris Polotz

 ?? ?? Anne Hathaway See Question 6.
Anne Hathaway See Question 6.

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