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Council should enforce own rules


THE Grane Residents Associatio­n are deciding what to do next after Rossendale Council gave developer Taylor Wimpey permission to build 130 homes on green fields despite flood risks, traffic concerns and no assurances local amenities can cope.

The planning approval process was made much easier for Taylor Wimpey because the council’s ruling Labour group decided to mark the site up for housing developmen­t. Had they not done that, it would have been far easier to approve.

For some reason, Rossendale’s ruling Labour group doesn’t want to fight planning applicatio­ns. They primarily argue it’s expensive to do so, but that just leaves local residents feeling abandoned by the council they pay council tax for.

There are some 30 planning conditions attached to the developmen­t and the Grane group is appealing for volunteers to ensure they are all enforced.

Well done them. But how sad that, residents don’t have the confidence in the council to enforce the rules they are setting.

Surely it’s time for Rossendale Council to properly engage with residents in the area and make sure that the rules they set are enforced?

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