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WHAT you’ve been saying on our Facebook page:

●●PLANNING applicatio­n for new pump track in Edenfield (‘Bid to put village on track for pump action’, January 7):

Danny Jones: This is what I love to see from our council!

Andy Schofield: Daniel Mckennell get yourself a cheap jump bike pal Jennie Kenyon: Michelle Mansfield another one for Archie x

●●CLEAN team are pride of town (January 7): Jo-anne Chadwick:

Wonderful to see my little nephew Ethan helping out so so proud of you little man. Keep up the great amazing work

Boulton Deborah: So proud of you Ethan x

Anita Naylor: You all did an amazing job!

Barbara Jackson: Well done Ethan you put a lot of people to shame.

Barbara Po Hopkins: Ethan you make me so so proud of you love you lots x

●●PUBLIC asked for views on Bacup town centre revamp (January 7):

Duncan Middlebroo­k: Looks like the bookies getting a nice outdoor seating area

David Clegg: Tree hasn’t even been planted and it’s causing an obstructio­n!

Ben Shufflebot­tom Larkin: One way system to cause even more havoc at the poorly designed junction / roundabout. Who comes up with the ideas?!

Gemma Lewis: Could have put some outdoor seating outside my pub, what does Ladbrokes need it for?

Vicky Roberts: Not being funny, spent all that before and looks no different

Lea Bean Whitworth: As a business owner on this street I can tell you now I will object heavily to tables and chairs outside my shop. Not a chance! Also, do they have any idea how much of a nightmare the parking is on Union? With two food establishm­ents it is bedlam from 11.30 onwards. Where do they think all the vehicles are going to park? Work vans/ trucks/tractors/wagons. You name it. It’s every man for themselves to get the closest to Mannings, parking laws be damned!

Kirsty Walker: I think Union Street needs to be at least one way, it’s chaos with people parking

Christine Rothwell: 1 million for hardly any change and a few trees

Myles Rowlinson: More money wasted, needs money spending on youth facilities. Also more infrastruc­ture with all the new houses being built. Bit of common sense would go a long way Rossendale.

Mark Lalley: Would be amazing having somewhere to sit in the rain while I wait for my dry cleaning and a nice memorial garden to sit in and continue to watch the bingo hall crumble. It’s a nice picture but will never happen

Jack Eastwood: Can’t please the people of Bacup it seems. Complaints that no money is spent there and complaints when it prospectiv­ely is! Initial plans are never perfect I understand that, but some objective criticism wouldn’t go amiss.

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