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I have a beautiful Japanese maple but the leaves always go a bit frizzy around the edges. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Jim via Instagram

AThat sounds like leaf scorch which is quite common with Japanese maples. This can be due to harsh winds which dessicate the delicate leaves causing them to curl up and go brown. Hot sun and waterloggi­ng can also cause this problem. While it doesn’t do terrible damage to the overall health of the tree, it is unsightly and detracts from their beauty, the very reason we plant them.

When this happened to my maple, I moved it to a more sheltered position out of strong winds and into some dappled shade where it has regained its former looks, so you might consider trying this option if it is feasible.

 ?? ?? A beautiful maple and, left, windscorch­ed leaves
A beautiful maple and, left, windscorch­ed leaves

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