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General Knowledge Quiz


1 Al is the chemical symbol for which lightweigh­t metal?

A Aluminium

B Silver

C Titanium

2 Former Prime Minister John

Major’s book More Than a Game is a history of which sport?

A Cricket

B Rugby

C Football 3 Which French term for ‘false step’ has come to mean a socially awkward blunder in English?

A Pas de deux

B Faux Pas

C Pied-à-terre 4 Which writer created The

Likely Lads, Porridge and Auf

Wiedersehe­n, Pet with writing partner Dick Clement?

A Ray Galton

B John Sullivan

C Ian La Frenais 5 Who plays chauvinist­ic advertisin­g executive Nick Marshall in the 2000 romantic comedy What Women Want? A Hank Azaria

B Mel Gibson

C Richard Gere

6 What type of creature is a marlin?

A Bird of prey B Duck

CA fish 7 In 1978 Georgi Markov, a defector from Communist Bulgaria, was killed in London after being stabbed with a poisoned… what?

A Umbrella

B Stiletto heel

C Pen

8 Which US band had a 1980 hit with Call Me?

A Fleetwood Mac

B Blondie

C Talking Heads

9 Which vast gorge was cut by the Colorado river in Arizona?

A The Red River Gorge

B The Grand Canyon

C The Horseshoe Canyon

10 Which recent C5 comedy drama starred Sally as Lindsay as an antiques dealer turned amateur detective in amateur detective in France? France?

A The Madame Blanc Mysteries B The Monsieur Rouge Mysteries C The Mademoisel­le Mysteries

 ?? ?? Sally Lindsay See Question 10.
Sally Lindsay See Question 10.

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