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Can you bend your brain around this set of mathematic­al, lexical and logistical teasers?


1 Jake is making his tenants clean the toilet. ‘I’m allergic to bleach, latex gloves and cleaning..’ said Christie. ‘If Daphne uses the sponge I’ll use soapy water – who will use the scrubber?’ asks Anka. ‘No detergent for me, I need products that begin with the same letter because I’m a kooky gal’ said Daphne. Which liquid and utensil does each use?

2 Which two words meaning ‘type’ and ‘scarlet’ combine into one meaning ‘related’? 3 Find the garden pests in these anagrams: a) Parcel Trail, b) Bagel Yum, c) Elite Belly.

4 At the start of the week, Xander had 300 flapjacks to make for a bake sale. He made 20% of them on Monday, then 65% of those still to make on Tuesday. On Wednesday he tried to make all of the remaining flapjacks, but burnt 25% of them! How many did he make successful­ly on Wednesday?

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