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General Knowledge Quiz


1. What name is given to the ninth month of the Muslim year?

A Shawwal

B Safar

C Ramadan

D Rajab

2. Which of the following works was composed by Vaughan Williams?

A The Barber of Seville

B Turandot

C Hugh the Drover

D The New World Symphony

3. Which artist won the 1997 Turner Prize?

A Gillian West B Gillian Wearing C Gillian Weaver D Gillian Wooly

4. What is the Sunday before Easter called?

A Palm Sunday B Ascension Sunday C Whit Sunday D Mothering Sunday

5. In which year did World War I start?

A 1913 B 1911 C 1918 D 1914

6. Which album by David Bowie featured the hits Ashes to Ashes and Fashion?

A Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps);

B The Man Who Sold the World C Aladdin Sane

D The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

7. In Greek mythology who was the lover of Hero, who swam to

her across the Hellespont?

A Phineus

B Orpheus

C Eurydice

D Leander

8. Which German town is famous for its castle which was supposedly an escape-proof prisoner-of-war camp in World War II?

A Hamelin

B Bamberg

C Colditz

D Cochem

9. What was the name of the crew’s cat in the sci-fi horror film Alien, starring Sigourney Weaver? A Jones

B Smith

C Whiskers

D Ripley 10. Which knighted British actor, noted for his roles in The Heiress and The Fallen Idol, died in 1983? A Alec Guinness

B Cary Grant

C Ralph Richardson

D Laurence Olivier

11. Who succeeded Trygve Lie as secretary general of the United Nations?

A Dag Johannson

B Deg Larsson

C Dug Wolfskjöld

D Dag Hammarskjö­ld

12. Which vocalist released a 1997 album entitled Am I The Kinda


A Cathy Dennis

B Cathy Burke

C Cathy Parr

D Cathy Jackson

13. Which organ is stimulated by the drug digitalis?

A Lungs

B Brain

C Heart

D Eyes

14. What is the national currency of Belize?

A Dollar

B Pound

C Franc

D Guilder

15. Who succeeded Neil Kinnock as leader of the British Labour Party?

A John Smith

B Tony Blair

C John Prescott

D William Hague

 ?? ?? David Bowie See Question 6.
David Bowie See Question 6.

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