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Barry Hyde

Chair of Rossendale Community

Support Network

THIS week, we are looking at the work of Rossendale Responsibl­e Animal Rescue (RRAR).

Rossendale Responsibl­e Animal Rescue was set up eight years ago by Michaela Holt specifical­ly for the benefit of the public to provide relief to suffering animals in need of care and attention, source and support rescue homes who will house, care and treat animals in need of help.

They also promote humane behaviour towards animals by providing appropriat­e care, protection, treatment and security for animals, and educate the public in animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering.

RRAR is a registered charity with a board of trustees chaired by Michaela Holt, and is also supported in its work by over 40 volunteers who take on a number of roles including foster care, long and short term, foster home assessment, lost pet searches, animal rescue and basic training.

All their services are provided free of charge, but as a charity, the organisati­on relies totally on donations to maintain and run these services.

Funds come from sponsors, auctions and fundraisin­g activities held on a regular basis.

They also have premises on Bacup market where they raise funds through the sale of goods donated by the community.

Their Facebook page is constantly updated with informatio­n on animals looking for new homes, fundraisin­g activities, donations and details of organisati­ons supporting the work of RRAR and stories relating to animals who have been helped by the organisati­on.

This year, RRAR are planning a summer ball in July, a petfest in August and tombolas at other valley events.

If you would like further informatio­n, have an animal issue or would like to make a donation or volunteer, you can contact RRAR through their email rrar@ or website

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 ?? ?? ●●A cat looking for a new home
●●A cat looking for a new home

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