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FOR 2 DAYS ONLY SUNDAY & MONDAY 23rd & 24th JANUARY from 10.30 to 4.00 pm


Jewellery and Coin Roadshow

A very lucky couple called at one of our recent roadshow events with a couple of old gold chains and a silver charm

bracelet and a bag of old silver sh coins. We paid them over £1600.00 just for the coins alone . They turned out to be pre 1947 silver coins that were normal currency

a few years ago and are now highly collected.

We asked them for their permission to pass on this story to help other people realise what they may be ng on and they were only too pleased to allow us to let everyone know that they might be si ng on a goldmine and not even know it!

Like most people, who can only dream of winning the pools or the ery, a lot of normal households have a hidden treasure of old gold jewellery, silver jewellery, teapots, trophies, trays and old objets d’art.

Why not get a free valua on from our expert at our roadshow at: THE DUNKENHALG­H HOTEL, BLACKBURN ROAD, CLAYTON-LE-MOORS, ACCRINGTON, BB5 5JP.

We wil be there from 10.30 until 16.00. With Free Parking. There is no queing and our expert will give you a one on one appraisal of the value of your treasured possession­s in a private area, where there are no prying eyes, watching the process evolve.

If you like the valua on our expert will make you the same offer in cash which you can accept or decline at no

cost to yourself.

All COVID 19 protocols are adhered to and our expert adviser will be equipped with a face mask, gloves and visor for your protection. We will apply a 1.5 meter

rule and there will be NO queuing in the room. Your safety is paramount at all of our roadshows so be asssured. Any old sh or foreign coins. Any old wrist watches or pocket watches. All chains, bracelets, rings and bangles broken or not and in any condi on. If you think it is a diamond ring, bring it along and we will confirm it to be genuine. If you have an old trophy or tankard or any silver coloured items, let us value them for you.

Coins & Medals Urgently Wanted

Old war medals and old Masonic medals can be very valuable. You will be surprised to hear that we have

paid THOUSANDS of pounds for certain war medals and even the General Service Medal group is worth bringing especially if you have the original box and le ers to accompany them. Also of great interest are old military

uniforms, tunics, hats and any army, navy or RAF field gear.

There are rarely any queues at our events and we can

normally end to every caller within a few minutes. We will give you a free valua on which we back up with a cash offer, there and then.

You can accept or decline our offer, so come along and see what we can offer for your old gold or silver jewellery, coins and collectabl­es.

What Do You Have Wa ng to be Discovered

Many people are totally unaware of the value of unusual and old items that they own and are just hidden away in drawers around the house. Dealers are now paying record high prices for old jewellery and gold and silver objects and collectabl­es. Most unusual gold and silver items are no longer fashionabl­e but there are ll collectors who we deal with that will pay record high prices for your old gold and silver jewellery, and items. Wristwatch­es and old fashioned pocket watches can surprise you with their values and you will be amazed by the amount that is currently being offered for such items.

Get looking NOW in your old drawers, cupboards, and jewellery boxes. Look in the c and the cellar, even old broken or squashed item of jewellery and silver are valuable and worth having appraised at these free roadshows. Bullion Investment­s & Acqui ons are having


We wil be there from 10.30 until 16.00. With Free Parking.

They will be offering a free valua on service and they Will make you an instant CASH offer to buy your old jewellery,

gold and silver or any old silver or coins that you may have.

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