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Dumped poppies ‘show a lack of respect’ to fallen


WASTE chiefs say they will clear Remembranc­e commemorat­ions dumped with green waste including Christmas trees at a cemetery, after a resident complained it showed a lack of respect.

Deborah Thomasson was upset after spotting the poppy wreath and crosses in Rawtenstal­l Cemetery.

“For me the poppy wreath and wooden crosses are a physical way we show our respect for all those involved in conflict and war,” she told the Free Press.

“Families and living veterans have a lot of emotions tied in those items. Respect is everything to them, to see these items discarded so casually with general green waste, it gives the impression that someone felt they made the area untidy and so cleaned them up and disposed without care or thought.

“Being non recyclable I know they would eventually go to land waste, which in itself needs addressing, but this was a thoughtles­s act.”

A Rossendale council spokespers­on said: “The area in Rawtenstal­l Cemetery was this year a designated site for the Christmas trees collected by the council to be put, whilst waiting to be chipped and recycled.

“The other green waste and the wreaths were not sanctioned by the council and will be removed today (Wednesday). There is an issue across the borough with fly tipping which we take very seriously, and we encourage members of the public to report to us straight away so they can be investigat­ed and acted upon.”

 ?? Deborah Thomasson ?? ●●Poppy wreaths discarded in Rawtenstal­l Cemetery
Deborah Thomasson ●●Poppy wreaths discarded in Rawtenstal­l Cemetery

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