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Group helps to improve park life


OVER the holiday period Stackstead­s Countrysid­e Park Group have been working hard to improve the

Riverside Park and Recreation Ground so that visitors can enjoy the facilities.

They successful­ly applied for grants from Arnold Clark Automobile­s Ltd and the Asda Foundation, and also used part of a donation from the family of the late Malcolm Buckley to install two stone tables and seats and to refurbish three benches at the side of the football pitch.

Group fundraiser

Mike Platt said: “We’re really fortunate that our group is creative and determined to improve the area, and that we receive support from so many different sources.

“Unfortunat­ely, there has been some vandalism at the other end of the park, but this hasn’t deterred members from meeting every Sunday morning - whatever the weather - to clear more areas of the park to make them available to use.

“If anyone wants to be part of our winning team please message our Facebook page or speak to any member of the group.”

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