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Bar plan could see post office on the move


PLANS have been unveiled to relocate a post office across the road.

Postmaster Mrs Barbara Poole has applied to Rossendale council for change of use permission for the ground floor of Rising Bridge Post Office, from retail to a wine bar. It is intended to relocate the post office, at 602 Blackburn Road, to an animal feeds store opposite.

A planning statement

with the applicatio­n states: “The applicant believes that up to four new employment opportunit­ies will be generated locally.

“The proposed use will cater for the local community who do not have any similar establishm­ent within the immediate locality. The applicatio­n site/premises are a long establishe­d retail outlet; the applicant has owned and run the premises as a retail outlet which includes the post office for at least 25 years.

“The proposed change of use will not lead to any adverse impact upon the living conditions of nearby residents either those on the Main Road or on Worsley Street. The existing use operates as a traditiona­l retail outlet very much serving the needs of the immediate locality; it does not close until 2200 Monday-Friday and is also open for shorter hours on a Saturday and Sunday.

“Should it be considered

necessary, the planning authority can impose conditions upon any new planning consent that restricts opening hours.”

A letter from the Post Office’s network lead states that the service is “currently in the process of transferri­ng” to Eureka Animal Feeds and Tack Shop.” It adds: “The community of Rising Bridge won’t be without a Post Office, and the current Post Office site cannot close until the transfer has completed under our current agreement.

“The only way we would see the community be without a Post Office would be if we were to see an abandonmen­t of service from the current Postmaster. However this is highly unlikely with the current Postmaster helping facilitate the current transfer, and being an active pillar of the community who as I understand it, is trying to bring something new to Rising Bridge.

“The transfer of the Post

Office is not only seeing the service remain in the community, but will have better access in the new location, as well as seeing two locations in Rising Bridge being transforme­d, with extensive works currently being undertaken at Eureka.”

Craig Pilkington, owner of Eureka Animal Feeds, said the provisiona­l plans would provide an additional, not a replacemen­t service. He said: “The important thing is we will not be losing the post office. I think it will be better because we have got a bit of a car park, and there is not much parking outside the post office.”

A Post Office spokespers­on said: “We are currently looking at moving the post office across the road. Consultati­on about this potential move has not yet begun.

“The Rising Bridge Postmaster has applied for planning permission and wants to convert the current premises if the post office can relocate.”

 ?? Google ?? ●●The Rising Bridge Post Office is set to move across the road to Eureka Animal Feeds.
Google ●●The Rising Bridge Post Office is set to move across the road to Eureka Animal Feeds.

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