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Food trends to watch out for...


NOLO BEVERAGES: With many of us going teetotal, expect to see more NOLO beverages – that’s no and low alcohol beers, wines and spirits – in supermarke­ts and when eating out.

THE BREAKFAST MAKEOVER: Breakfasts look set to become more adventurou­s as we continue working from home, with Middle Eastern shakshuka, inset, (eggs baked in a rich tomato sauce) and Mexican breakfast burritos on the up. Make sure your makeover doesn’t provide more calories, fat, sugar and/or salt than a bowl of porridge or toast!

CALORIES ON MENUS: From April 2022, a new law means large restaurant­s, cafes and takeaways will have to display calories on their menus, something brands including McDonald’s and KFC have done for years. The idea is it will help us to make healthier choices and encourage restaurant­s to put lower calorie

options on the menu.

POTATO MILK: One in three of us now drinks plant milks, with oat milk currently our top choice. In 2022, potato milk is set to be the latest fad. Look for unsweetene­d varieties and those fortified with calcium and vitamins B12 and D, such as DUG Original Potato (

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