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General Knowledge Quiz


1 The Bay of Pigs invasion was a failed US invasion of which island country in 1961?

A Cuba

B Japan

C Vietnam

2 What mental condition is the title of a 2013 US thriller starring Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford? A Paranoia

B Hypochondr­ia

C Obsession

3 Which comedian toured the UK with the 2013 stand-up show Qualmpeddl­er?

A Eddie Izzard

B Bill Bailey

C Noel Fielding

4 In which 1993 US comedy film does Kevin Kline play an employment agency owner who stands in for the US president? A Steve

B Dave

C Terry

5 The adult male form of which ape is known as a silverback?

A Orangutan

B Chimpanzee

C Gorilla

6 Which English author wrote the fantasy novels Neverwhere, Stardust and Coraline?

A Terry Pratchett

B Philip Pullman

C Neil Gaiman

7 Who reprised his role as a psychiatri­st in the final episode of BBC sitcom Miranda?

A Mark Heap

B David Mitchell

C Hugh Dennis

8 What name is shared by a prolific US film score composer and a famous Australian-born classical guitarist?

A Hans Zimmer

B John Williams

C Ennio Morricone

9 Which spirit is commonly poured over a Christmas pudding and set light to before serving?

A Vodka

B Brandy

C Rum

10 Which song by Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris features English singer Tom Grennan?

A Behind You

B Ahead of You

C By Your Side

 ?? ?? Tom Grennan See Question 10.
Tom Grennan See Question 10.

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