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Can you bend your brain around this set of mathematic­al, lexical and logistical teasers?


1 The hamster sleepover is total chaos - they’ve escaped into the kitchen. Joe’s hamster was sat in the teapot, and Fudge was in the fridge eating all the food. The hamster in the frying pan did not belong to Jess. Jack found Fluff, and Jess found Fuzz, but only one of them belongs to its finder. Who owns each hamster and where did they?

2 Which two words meaning ‘tap’ and ‘uproar’ combine into one meaning ‘jingoist’? 3 Find the army ranks in these anagrams: a) Rigid Bear, b) Tense Rag, c) Cattle Innuendoes.

4 Colin is having a party later and will need as many ice cubes as possible. He has a tray that makes twenty small cubes, which take one hour to freeze, and a tray that makes twelve big cubes that take two hours to freeze. If he starts making the ice at 12.30pm, and empties each tray into a bag as soon as it is ready, how many ice cubes can he have by the time the party starts at 7pm?

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