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EVER HEARD of re­cov­ery or smoothie bowls? Our nutritionist James More­hen be­lieves they are the next big thing in elite nu­tri­tion.

“They are a bril­liant way to add in key nu­tri­ents de­pend­ing on what the day or ses­sion looks like,” he says. “They are sim­i­lar to smooth­ies but a lot cheaper than the ones you get at the shops!” He thinks they would make a per­fect, pre-pre­pared break­fast ad­di­tion.

Reg­u­lar read­ers know that we preach this a lot but for the unini­ti­ated: the golden com­mand­ment for break­fast is to en­sure that you take pro­tein on board. When you sleep, it’s the long­est pe­riod of the day that you go with­out

“The golden co mmand­ment f o r break­fast is take

o n p r o t e i n”

con­sum­ing any pro­tein, so it’s vi­tal you get a good source in first thing.

Later in the day, on com­pe­ti­tion or heavy days, is an­other time you could have a smoothie bowl – like the green tea bowl recipe to the right – along­side lunch or din­ner. For ex­am­ple, your pre-match meal on Satur­day could be a chicken pasta bake and then this bowl.

Some peo­ple like to do their ex­er­cise early in the morn­ings, par­tic­u­larly on re­cov­ery days af­ter a gru­elling match. Ac­cord­ing to Alex Adams of Per­for­mance Pro gym, low-in­ten­sity, aer­o­bic re­cov­ery ses­sions can be done af­ter fasting but only for 30-40 min­utes max. He ad­vises that fat-burn­ing ses­sions should only last that long too.

If you do an early re­cov­ery ses­sion, Adams rec­om­mends ‘beach weights’ – iso­lated move­ments that en­hance blood flow to spe­cific ar­eas (like the arms). You can add body-weight ex­er­cises too.

Many peo­ple have busy lives and the early morn­ing is of­ten the eas­i­est time to fit in a gym ses­sion. Is this

ad­vised and if so, what should we eat be­fore­hand?

APeak testos­terone lev­els in the morn­ing may help some, but not ev­ery­one does well lift­ing weights first thing, High cor­ti­sol and lack of fast-act­ing en­ergy sub­strates can make lift­ing tough. If I was ad­vis­ing a client I’d sug­gest two op­tions. Ei­ther do fasted, mod­er­ate-in­ten­sity ses­sions for aer­o­bic train­ing and fat loss, lim­it­ing this to 30-40 min­utes. Or take in some branch-chain amino acids and have an es­presso in or­der to per­form strength and hy­per­tro­phy work, even tak­ing on carbs in the later stages of a 60-minute ses­sion.

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