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Life will seem far more ex­cit­ing and re­ward­ing, and there should be some fun as well. But what­ever you ac­com­plish, it is ex­tremely im­por­tant that you es­tab­lish closer ties - even with those who now adopt an ag­gres­sive stance. And it’s a case of once spot­ted, never ig­nored this week.

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AQUARIUS JAN­UARY 21 - FE­BRU­ARY 19 There are lim­its to your move­ments. Not too many. In fact, a chance meet­ing or fleet­ing en­counter could eas­ily be fol­lowed by a firm ap­proach. Look who’s get­ting all friendly! Mean­while, you may soon be trav­el­ling for reasons other than your own. This won’t af­fect your ro­man­tic prospects this week.

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PISCES FE­BRU­ARY 20 - MARCH 20 There may be an eerie, but pleas­ant at­mos­phere now. This is quite con­ducive for do­ing busi­ness, even if you’re not guar­an­teed any­thing. More, with Venus mov­ing into Capricorn, there are ways of in­ter­act­ing, even with peo­ple who failed to no­tice you be­fore. It pays to be out and about this week.

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ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 You ap­pear to have the wan­der­lust, and there is the prom­ise of a rain­bow in the end. Group ac­tiv­i­ties might also ap­peal. How­ever, you will need to set up an ap­point­ment first. In fact, you could even hook up with some­one while you are on the road this week.

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TAURUS APRIL 21 - MAY 21 It’s a myth that all Tau­re­ans are lazy. Ad­mit­tedly, you are in­clined to take it easy, and limit your lev­els of phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. How­ever, you will need to make your­self avail­able for per­sonal meet­ings or dis­cus­sions this week. If only to de­fend your in­ter­ests from cer­tain ri­vals or at­ten­tion grab­bers.

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GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 De­spite feel­ing slightly bruised, you should re­spond in a pos­i­tive way. And why not, be­cause oth­ers are pre­sum­ably dot­ing over you. In love mat­ters, the fi­nal scene is about to oc­cur. This may not nec­es­sar­ily hap­pen the way you imag­ined. It’s a bit like a bomb drop­ping this week.

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CANCER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 Both work and prac­ti­cal mat­ters are now high­lighted. It’s pos­si­ble that you will be to­tally sur­prised by the sup­port you re­ceive. Not that you will purely be work­ing. No - but you might feel joy­ful. Still, it’s up to you to de­cide whether you should re­ward some­one’s loy­alty this week.

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LEO JULY 23 - AU­GUST 22 You don’t seem too both­ered by your sur­round­ings. If any­thing, you should have more space to de­velop a re­la­tion­ship, and even plan a trip. Make the most of it, be­cause there is no such thing as a free ticket. In fact, you may be bet­ter off not mov­ing this week.

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VIRGO AU­GUST 23 - SEPTEM­BER 22 There is no need to hedge your bets, even though you sus­pect that you will be do­ing all the work this. There are op­tions, and re­cov­er­ing ground in other ar­eas is es­sen­tial. No doubt you will be more fired up about an idea that is com­ing to pass. It’s pure ge­nius.

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LIBRA SEPTEM­BER 23 - OC­TO­BER 23 Har­mo­nious links for the Moon in Libra in­di­cates a time of pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ences, and less put-downs. The pres­sure is off - so you might as well en­joy your­self. Not that you can af­ford to re­lease your grip com­pletely, de­spite tak­ing a fancy to some­thing or some­body that draws you away.

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SCORPIO OC­TO­BER 24 - NOVEM­BER 22 Both fam­ily and fi­nan­cial is­sues are well starred. And you could end up pay­ing less for some­thing, even if you feel you are be­ing conned. It’s too early for Christ­mas shop­ping. But on a more per­sonal level, you won’t be shy about ask­ing for what you want this week.

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SAGITTARIUS NOVEM­BER 23 - DE­CEM­BER 21 By rights, you should be foot loose and fancy free and fairly nim­ble. Most likely, a move will con­trib­ute to your sense of free­dom or in­de­pen­dence. Though this could pro­voke quite a stir later this week. At least, it will soon be­come ob­vi­ous that oth­ers want you to re­main close by.

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