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I’M con­cerned about how hard it can be to find an emer­gency den­tist dur­ing hol­i­day times.

A fam­ily mem­ber needed a den­tist on the morn­ing of De­cem­ber 24 – which was not yet the Christ­mas hol­i­day, but had great dif­fi­culty find­ing one, de­spite be­ing on the phone and com­puter for a cou­ple of hours try­ing to find help.

The “emer­gency” phone an­swer­ers tried to be help­ful and were gen­uinely sorry that they couldn’t help.

We heard per­son­ally of a young child with spe­cial needs who was in great pain for sev­eral days in the week lead­ing up to Christ­mas, be­fore den­tal help could be found. There used to be a den­tal hos­pi­tal in Le­ices­ter Square, near Le­ices­ter Square sta­tion, which was al­ways open for emer­gen­cies, but sadly it was shut down by the au­thor­i­ties years ago.

It was re­as­sur­ing for peo­ple to know it was there. It’s strange that in these ‘high tech’ days, emer­gency fa­cil­i­ties seem to get worse.

We as­sume every­thing is work­ing al­right un­til we ac­tu­ally need help! There’s also the ex­tremely high cost of den­tistry now. We met some­one just be­fore Christ­mas who’d had a painful tooth ex­tracted at a cost of £100, be­cause a root canal treat­ment would have cost a stag­ger­ing £1,000. He was told this root treat­ment may not work and that the tooth might need fur­ther treat­ments at an ad­di­tional cost!

Many pri­vate den­tal costs are out of all pro­por­tion - a thou­sand pounds would pay for a fam­ily hol­i­day! Af­ter clos­ing on De­cembe 23, many den­tists were shut un­til Jan­uary 2, which is a long wait for any­one in pain.

I don’t blame den­tists for want­ing a good break, but den­tal of­fi­cials should en­sure that local ar­eas have an emer­gency den­tist read­ily avail­able and easy to lo­cate, dur­ing hol­i­day pe­ri­ods.

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