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I AM of­ten ridiculed for still hav­ing a diary.

Yes, a proper leather-bound diary with pa­per pages, on which I en­ter ap­point­ments in pen, us­ing real writ­ing. Even though it’s a tiny diary that fits in my hand­bag it seems I am re­garded as a relic of the Victorian era.

Ap­par­ently, it’s naff these days not to record your ap­point­ments on your phone. Oh. Ho ho hee hee, they say. You STILL have a diary? Pass the smelling salts.

As they smugly fid­dle with their on­line data on state-of-the-art gad­gets I refuse to be cowed.

Tak­ing out my tiny Filo­fax (yes, I’m that much of a di­nosaur) I ig­nore the raised eye­brows, and turn to the cor­rect page with a flour­ish. If I had a pen­cil, I would lick the end. As I use a pen, an ink well and blot­ting pa­per would be handy to keep my crit­ics wait­ing.

I do have In­ter­net on my phone, and I love it. Be­fore I wrote this col­umn, I checked text, email and so­cial net­work so I am not im­mune to the won­ders of mod­ern tech­nol­ogy.

But my phone sits in a snazzy turquoise cover (present from Mr F) with a wal­let that also con­tains my es­sen­tials. These in­clude my emer­gency credit card, a fully stamped cof­fee bar loy­alty card ready for a caf­feine cri­sis, driv­ing li­cence, press card and an emer­gency fiver.

There’s no way I’m ad­ding my diary to the mix. It needs to be sep­a­rate. My diary de­clared in­de­pen­dence a long time ago.

It would freak me out that if I lost my phone, I’d have lost half my life – in­clud­ing the chance of a free cof­fee (Nero) or emer­gency glass of wine (the fiver). I’ll be damned if I’m go­ing to risk los­ing all my fu­ture ap­point­ments too.

With­out my diary I’d be a clue­less zom­bie, wan­der­ing the streets of Uxbridge wondering whether I should be giv­ing a talk, trav­el­ling to the theatre, lunch­ing with friends, or hav­ing treat­ment at the den­tist.

So, tit­ter ye not. No one puts my diary in the cor­ner (ref­er­ence Dirty Dancing). Or drops it down the toi­let where many a phone has ended up.

■ Stop press: I’ve just heard about an im­por­tant de­vel­op­ment for North Uxbridge res­i­dents about the pro­posal for the Hal­ford/Wickes site. Visit http://plan­ning.hilling­don.gov.uk/Ocel­laWeb/plan­ning De­tails?ref­er­ence=16299/APP/2018/1849&from=plan­ningSearch.

Com­ments on the new re­vised plans – 267 units with only nine park­ing spa­ces (still) – to Hilling­don Coun­cil no later than Fri­day (11) in writ­ing, on-line or email. Mr F has just sub­mit­ted his ob­jec­tions. Now – where is my quill pen?

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