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MINX Paramount+, from Wednesday, September 14


■ OPHELIA Lovibond and Jake Johnson bare their souls in an empowering ten-part comedy set in 1970s Los Angeles, created and written by Ellen Rapoport.

FOR as long as she can remember, Joyce Prigger (Lovibond) has dreamt of editing a feminist magazine filled with inspiring articles that champion the female gaze.

UNFORTUNAT­ELY, the only publisher remotely interested in her vision is Doug Renetti (Johnson), whose shrewdly named publishing house Bottom Dollar prints porn magazines aimed at straight men.

JOYCE and Doug agree a compromise: a magazine named Minx with feminist articles and a naked male centrefold to appeal to base desires.

WORKING closely with gay photograph­er Richie (Oscar Montoya) and executive assistant Tina (Idara Victor), Joyce searches for male models to shed their clothes in a tasteful yet titillatin­g fashion.

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