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Academic Alithea Binnie (Tilda Swinton) arrives in Istanbul for a conference, armed with her passion for the history of storytelli­ng.

She discovers an antique bottle in a bazaar and when she attempts to polish the glassware, an ancient Djinn (Idris Elba) is unleashed.

The genie promises to grant three life-changing wishes but Alithea has studied many tales in which these blessings are a curse and she refuses to accept until he answers her probing questions.

As the liberated spirit spins outlandish yarns outside of his glass prison, Alithea reflects on missed opportunit­ies and unfulfille­d desires.

Three Thousand Years Of Longing gallivants through time to underline a universal truth: love walks hand-in-hand with loss. Infused with hope and beauty, Director George Miller’s dazzling yet flawed vision distils familiar tropes in technicall­y ambitious flourishes, and couldn’t wish for more lavish production design.

A slice of Turkish delight.

■ In cinemas Friday

 ?? ?? GENIE-US: Idris Elba
GENIE-US: Idris Elba

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