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Time to mourn and to look to the future


THE death of the Queen was a momentous event. She was a great lady and rightly respected the world over.

Now, inevitably, we have to look to the future – for the monarchy but also for our country, which until recently has been in prolonged and unhappy turmoil.

In the current context, and with no disrespect to Her Majesty, it is clear that both the royal regime and other aspects of our national life need reshaping.

The new king has in the past talked about a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy.

That would certainly suit the current zeitgeist where automatic deference to hereditary privilege has practicall­y disappeare­d.

In addition recent press stories have highlighte­d anachronis­tic and concerning privileges exercised by the head of state which need addressing.

After the reign of ‘King’ Boris we are all aware of the need to remedy the lacunae in our current constituti­on – gaps which allowed a rogue politician to rise so high and do so much damage.

Hopefully, along with very proper thanksgivi­ng for the reign of Queen Elizabeth, we can begin a national conversati­on on how we wish to be governed in the remaining decades of the 21st century.

Andrew McLuskey

via email

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