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Cap is big interventi­on ...with a big hole in it


response to the Prime Minister’s announceme­nt on the energy cap, I say: this is a big interventi­on with a big hole in it.

Fixing the cap is welcome and much needed, but the sums still won’t add up for low-income families who despite this help will continue to face bills far beyond what they can afford.

This crisis isn’t just about energy; food, fuel and housing costs have also rocketed, forcing many families to ration even the basics.

This package should’ve thrown more of a lifeline to the families who need it most.

We desperatel­y need more targeted help through benefits for the low paid and those who have lost their jobs or cannot work because of disability, illness or caring responsibi­lities.

Even with a freeze, energy bills will still be double what they were a year ago, the price of other essentials continues to soar, and the true value of benefits has been cut.

Low-income families needed help with energy bills but also financial hope for the future if their children are to avoid a bleak Christmas and New Year.

Imran Hussain Director of policy and campaigns at

Action for Children

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