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JAMES MOORE reveals all manner of ways to pep up your performanc­e


IF YOU thought endless cups of coffee were the only way to help boost concentrat­ion and focus, think again...

Juice the job

Have a glass of orange juice with breakfast. A study by the University of Reading showed it could improve alertness and concentrat­ion. The effect has been linked to flavonoids in the fruit.

Plant power

Put a peace lily on your workstatio­n. A Dutch study found that indoor plants increase concentrat­ion levels, while research at Exeter University found greenery in the workplace was linked to improved productivi­ty and boosted staff wellbeing by 47%.

Stand up

Scientists at the University of Leicester discovered that more than half of people using standing desks felt more engaged at work after a year of using them.

Chew chew

Experts at Cardiff University revealed that people who chewed gum during a memory task were able to focus for longer compared to those who didn’t. Further research has shown that the activity increases blood flow to the brain.

Choc shock

A Northumbri­a University study found flavanols in good quality dark chocolate meant arithmetic wasn’t as taxing – and those in the trial were less likely to feel tired or mentally drained.

Clocking on

A good night’s sleep will help you stay energized the next day, but experts at Harvard University in the US say it is just as important to keep a regular bedtime. Changing the time you head for a kip could be as damaging as jet lag from a flight.

Pet power

Putting a picture of your dog or cat close by could improve your concentrat­ion by 5%, a Japanese study found. If they are puppies or kittens that figure goes up to 10%.

Lunch legend

Do some exercise during your break. One study found that walking for half an hour at lunchtime improves enthusiasm and relaxation. A five-minute walk every hour was found to reduce food cravings.

Washed up

A study reported in the journal Clinical Neurophysi­ology says the combinatio­n of washing your face and drinking a coffee could boost how alert the coffee makes you feel.

Feel fruity

Eating two kiwi fruits can improve mood and energy, a study by the University of Otago, New Zealand shows. It’s thought vitamin C is key.

Make a note

If you’re allowed to listen to music at work, stick on some pop music. Research by Mindlab Internatio­nal found 58% of people were faster at data entry while doing so. Listening to classical can help memory recall, according to a US study.

Draw conclusion­s

Struggling to complete tasks without distractio­n? Doodling at work could help you to stay focused. Scientists at Plymouth University found that it helps you concentrat­e on informatio­n. One example of this was doodlers could recall names and places 29% better than people who were not doodling.

Go green

Load up your plate with some leafy greens. Research published in the journal Neurology indicates that people who ate two portions of the stuff daily were typically able to focus on tasks as well as people five years younger than them.

Scroll down

Hide your phone. Using social media during working hours is a serious distractio­n and can reduce work performanc­e and concentrat­ion, according to research by the University of Bergen in Norway. Stick the phone in a drawer so it’s out of sight, out of mind.

Being yourself

Two-thirds of workers say showing their emotions at work – whether by crying or having a laugh – makes them more productive, according to a survey carried out by LinkedIn.

 ?? ?? It’s not just a cup of coffee that can perk you up
It’s not just a cup of coffee that can perk you up
 ?? ?? Kiwi fruit can boost your mood and energy levels
Kiwi fruit can boost your mood and energy levels
 ?? ?? A snap of your pets can improve concentrat­ion
A snap of your pets can improve concentrat­ion

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