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CORRESPOND­ENT DR Webster made a meal of my previous passing reference likening Trump’s refusal to accept the democratic vote to remainers’ similar refusal to accept the Brexit one.

I would not have thought that tiny reference would possibly imply further comparison­s: for the avoidance of doubt, no, I do not attribute to remoaners (to differenti­ate from remainers who accept they lost or changed their minds) any other of Trump’s monstrous characteri­stics.

As far as slurs are concerned, those of who us voted initially for a Common Market but found ourselves increasing­ly ensnared by an imperialis­t ambition that would culminate in a superstate controlled increasing­ly from the centre have suffered slurs ever since the rejection of the Euro (for once thank the Lord for Chancellor Brown).

The least being Little Englanders and on through a gamut implying, if not in so many words, that we were dupes susceptibl­e to the lies of Boris Johnson.

This despite that the entire establishm­ent, most MPs, banks, the BBC and not least the EU attempted to frighten us with the dire results of leaving the sanctuary of the EU.

The referendum was initiated when David Cameron was sent home with his tail between his legs after daring to propose some modest reforms. We listened to the many reasonable points of the advantages of the EU but came to a different conclusion after which debate turned to abuse which has continued to the present day especially and outrageous­ly from Brussels.

The remoaners merely repeat and repeat their old arguments attributin­g every difficulty to the UK and Brexit never to Brussels intransien­ce.

There is no doubt that most, not all, but most of the difficulti­es currently being experience­d are deliberate­ly imposed by the EU. Difficulti­es not imposed on any other trading nation but part of its malicious response to a secessioni­st region. I have exported capital equipment all over the world, with documentat­ion completed in advance and with rarely the slightest delay at borders. Canada into the USA, Switzerlan­d and other bordering countries into the EU. are not subjected to this nor to the many other conditions that the EU would impose on us.

No sensitivit­ies to the complicate­d Eire/ Northern Ireland and the ludicrous border in the Irish sea and yes, I too wonder that that was ever agreed in the first place but again the EU has chosen to interpret that in an unforeseen and unacceptab­le way.

We always expected tough negotiatio­ns from the EU but in the spirit embodied, as I understand it, in treaty obligation­s that an exiting state be negotiated with as a friendly ally. That has never occurred: the EU has refused to negotiate with this country as an independen­t State but with the belief as occurred elsewhere that they would ultimately achieve multiple referendum­s until its campaign achieved the `right’ result.

Concentrat­ion on Covid has not helped but exacerbate­d the difficulti­es of moving forward: this country will succeed despite the negativity of the remoaners.

What do the remoaners actually want to happen? What is their objective? Surely not believing that in our lifetimes anyway a future Government would overturn Brexit with the real chaos that that would create? Surely that would involve crawling back to a triumphant EU on the terms they would extract and that would include compulsory acceptance of the Euro.

No, Dr Webster, I stand by all the responses I have made over the years to the remoaners, not to every post and I would rather not feel compelled to at all, but someone has to respond to the demoralisi­ng drip, drip, drip of same old negativity which serves no useful or enlighteni­ng purpose whatsoever.

D Rickard, via email

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