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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which Channel 4 series investigat­ing the paranormal was presented by Father Lionel Fanthorpe?

A The X-Files

B Fortean TV

C Visitors from Beyond

D Another World 2. How were the Nicaraguan right-wing guerrillas of the 1980s known?

A Contras

B Khmer Rouge


D ETA 3. Which star of The Singing Detective played Maigret?

A Michael Briar

B Michael Phillips

C Michael Johnson

D Michael Gambon 4. In what year was NATO establishe­d?

A 1949

B 1929

C 1969

D 1919 5. What was the pen name of Marie Louise de la Ramee author of Under Two Flags?

A Kanga

B Georgia

C Ouida

D Resta

Mahershala Ali See Question 6.

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