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Tributes to pupils, parents and staff


months, is nothing short of inspiratio­nal.

‘‘Congratula­tions to you all.

“My thanks go to staff at The Heath School who have worked long hours, going above and beyond to provide exceptiona­l teaching and much needed support and encouragem­ent to our pupils throughout the pandemic.’’

Ms MaNamee added: “I would also like to say a huge thank you to parents and carers who have worked closely with us to support the students during their time with us and, in particular, during this exceptiona­l time.

“The warmth, resilience and humour of our Year 11 students will leave a lasting impression on us all.”

 ??  ?? ● Anastasia
● Anastasia
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● Wiktoria
 ??  ?? eah and Esther
eah and Esther

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