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Police appeal to find nuisance anti-social drivers


RESIDENTS and motorists were forced to move out of the way of a 4x4 that was being driven dangerousl­y at a nature reserve in Runcorn.

The driver was followed by a fleet of quad bike riders who were not wearing helmets.

The driver has been reported for driving without due care and attention and investigat­ions are ongoing.

Cheshire Rural Crime Team seized the vehicle that was involved in off-road antisocial behaviour at the Moore Nature Reserve on Wednesday (August 11).

Police found the car that had been causing a nuisance out of fuel on the side of a main road.

Cheshire Rural Crime team said: “The Rural Crime Team have seized a 4x4 involved in off road anti-social behaviour yesterday evening, which had been causing a nuisance for the community who live and use Moore Nature Reserve in the Runcorn area.

“The vehicle had been driven in a dangerous and anti-social manner, around the nature reserve, forcing pedestrian­s and other road users to take evasive action. In addition, the vehicle had been used on a public highway, driven in a dangerous manner.

“The vehicle is SORN and will be reported to the DVLA, for the appropriat­e action. When officers located the vehicle, it was out of fuel on a main road.

“The vehicle has been seized under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act

Power. The driver has also been reported for driving without due care and attention. Further enquires are ongoing into this.

“We work with the Green Lane Associatio­n to ensure the route can be enjoyed by all they also offer great tips and advice around best practice in relation to using these types of road.

“It was also noted that quad bikes were seen driving behind the vehicle, with the riders not wearing helmets.

“Enquires are ongoing to establish who these people are.

“If you have any relevant informatio­n, which could help the police identify the riders of the quad bikes, please contact 101 quoting IML-1057751 or Crimestopp­ers anonymousl­y.”

 ??  ?? ● Police found the car on out of fuel on the side of a main road
● Police found the car on out of fuel on the side of a main road

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