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My social media break made a big difference


How do you balance that against career and family commitment­s?

I try to combine things up. For example, it’s really important to me to follow a healthy diet, so I want to teach that to my kids.

If I cook with them, I’m spending time with them, but also cooking healthy food and teaching them something important.

Of course, there are times when I don’t, and you have that guilt of needing to send emails or do other things, but I think it’s important in this day and age for children to realise that often both parents do work. It is hard sometimes.

Has there been anything in particular recently that’s helped your wellbeing?

Over the last two weeks, I took the decision to take a break from social media. I decided I wasn’t going to post for a while, or look at Instagram, and I’m just now going to do my first post back.

It felt like it made a big difference. I’ve been reading more, I’ve started listening to audiobooks, and I’ve been using my time in different ways. I’m not saying I wasted time on social media, but it was great to step away and focus my attention elsewhere.

What prompted you to take that break? I have an underlying health condition, and I had a little reaction to the vaccine. I documented it, and then something was printed that was factually wrong, which sparked a whole load of other articles. The story was taken from my social media, and the informatio­n was incorrect, which is really damaging.

I wasn’t pro or anti anything, I merely said what happened to me, so I decided to take a break. I had a lot of people contacting me asking if I was ok, but I knew that people who knew me would know the truth.

Even friends and family don’t

How have you adapted to everything going online during the pandemic?

There’s definitely some frustratio­n. Even when booking a doctor’s appointmen­t, you can’t just speak to a doctor, you have to go online and send videos. I’m concerned about older people – my nan, for example, wouldn’t have a clue how to send a video of something that was wrong.

I’m just grateful for my children that things have opened up again, because even they were saying: ‘I don’t want to do online ballet, or online theatre, or online Spanish’. They want interactio­n too.

I’m quite fortunate in that my job can’t be done online, and I think

Laura on why she likes that her job can’t be done online

How much were you able to keep working during lockdown?

A Place In The Sun obviously stopped when the travel ban was in place but, as things started to open up, there were moments we could travel to various places. But A Place In The Sun isn’t my only job, and I work on other things as well.

I’m definitely somebody who doesn’t sit still. I’m obsessed with cleaning, so I’ll always be able to find somewhere to clean in the

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