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Was it strange being back in front of the cameras at first, when filming picked up again?

I don’t think so, because I’ve always been in front of the cameras. From a social media point of view, your life is under a lens anyway.

I’ve been in telly for 21 years, so it wasn’t a worry. When it’s your job, it’s a bit like riding a bike.

You spend a lot of time in the gym. What’s your secret to motivation? You’ve got to find what you love – and, if you do, you won’t struggle to be motivated. Walking, cycling, running – I hate running, and I’m really not good at it – when you get into something, you will start to see results. I also try to follow a keto diet using the Lifesum app, which I love. [For me] exercise and nutrition have to work hand in hand.

Laura Hamilton uses Lifesum, the world’s leading nutrition app, which she used to follow Keto meal plans and recipes. Visit

The NHS is rolling out a breast cancer drug that can extend the lives of patients who have been given a terminal diagnosis.

The twice-daily pills can delay chemothera­py or mean it could be avoided altogether.

Draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence means abemacicli­b, will immediatel­y be offered to 2,500 women in England who have already tried other hormone drugs.

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