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‘I was run­ning across the Hum­ber Bridge when I stopped to per­suade a lady not to jump off. She lis­tened and climbed back over the rail­ings.’ – Ian Wil­liamson ‘I helped an old lady with de­men­tia who had strayed from her care home in nightwear and no shoes at 5:30am in win­ter.’ – Lucy Anne Robin­son ‘I found a wal­let and re­turned it to the owner via Face­book.’ – Mar­i­anne Toole ‘I pick up coun­try­side rub­bish on my way.’ – Ni­cola Wal­lis ‘I stopped and changed a tyre for a dis­tressed preg­nant lady dur­ing a 20-miler.’ – Ryan Shaw ‘I found a £20 note. Later I came across a home­less per­son and gave it to him.’ – Keith Rick­etts ‘Bizarrely, on one run I ended up help­ing a barge owner get a Mun­t­jac deer out of the canal.’ – Kay Scott ‘Freed a sheep stuck in a fence.’ – Ceri Roberts ‘I’ve stopped to give di­rec­tions many times. At first it an­noyed me that peo­ple would in­ter­rupt me in “full flow”; now I en­joy the “com­pul­sory breather!”’ – Ross Jones ‘I helped a hedge­hog cross the road safely.’ – @Mi­ran­da_ Rachel

and I re­ally en­joyed cheer­ing peo­ple on. It’s some­thing I’d en­cour­age ev­ery run­ner to do. The ic­ing on the cake? My friend recorded a PB. Dun­can Bond, Trow­bridge, Wilt­shire DOG­GONE IT! A cou­ple of weeks ago I ran past a woman who had let her dog off the lead. It raced to­wards me, bark­ing fu­ri­ously. She called out to me to stop and stand still, oth­er­wise it would at­tack me. With some trep­i­da­tion I did as she said, and the dog stood there yap­ping at me un­til she got its lead back on. Have other run­ners had trou­ble with over­bois­ter­ous dogs and if so – any tips to deal with them? John Clarke, Nor­wich THREE WHEELS GOOD In re­sponse to Roland Gib­bard (RW Feb): in 2011 when my son was two, we en­tered the Holm­firth 15 us­ing a run­ning buggy. We con­tacted the or­gan­is­ers in ad­vance to see if they were OK with the idea. We fin­ished in 2:15 to ap­plause. It was a fan­tas­tic ex­pe­ri­ence and it shows that if you re­spect the or­gan­is­ers, there’s no rea­son why buggy run­ners can't join in events. Si­mon Ho­gan (by email)

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