35 Best Beauty Buys For Run­ners

Time to re­vamp your self-care rou­tine? Re­pair and re­plen­ish your run-rav­aged body with these pam­per­ing prod­ucts

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1. P20 Once a Day SunPro­tec­tion Spray £21, p20.co.uk A has­sle-free sun­screen op­tion, P20 gives up to 10 hours’ sun pro­tec­tion with just one ap­pli­ca­tion, and with SPF fac­tors from 15-50, there’s one to suit ev­ery skin type. 2. Brush on Block £28 + ship­ping, brushon­block.com This is a clever and grease-free SPF30 min­er­alpow­der sun­screen. The self-dis­pens­ing brush is easy to use, the pow­der will not af­fect your skin tone and it can be worn over or un­der makeup. 3. Bea Skin Care So­lar De­fence Oral Sup­ple­ments £32, bea-skin­care.com A daily tablet con­tain­ing vi­ta­mins D, B3 and B12, as well as calaguala leaf ex­tract to strengthen im­mune re­sponse, grad­u­ally build UV tolerance and lower the chances of sun­burn. 4. Coola Sport Con­tin­u­ous Spray £32, spacenk.com/uk In­fused with cu­cum­ber, al­gae and straw­berry ex­tracts to nour­ish sen­si­tive skin, this clear and odour­less spray de­liv­ers SPF50 pro­tec­tion and will keep the sun at bay for up to 90 min­utes in the water. 5. Eucerin Sun Gel- Creme SPF 50+ £13, sanareva.co.uk If you’re wor­ried about dis­play­ing your run­ner’s acne by the pool, try this non-greasy sun cream. As well as of­fer­ing strong sun pro­tec­tion, it con­tains oil-con­trol in­gre­di­ents to help clear up spotty break­outs. 6. Shisheido Wet­force Clear Stick UV Pro­tec­tor SPF50+ £27, es­cen­tual.com As well as be­ing wa­ter­proof – ideal for the pool – this SPF50+ prod­uct is es­pe­cially handy for women, as it works over and un­der makeup for sun pro­tec­tion on the go. 7. Adap­ta­sun Pro­tec­tive Body Mist £42, spacenk.com/uk This light mist uses ‘in­tra-cel­lu­lar tech­nol­ogy’, which, it’s claimed, neu­tralises free rad­i­cals to pro­tect cel­lu­lar DNA. The for­mula also con­tains co­conut oil and rice bran oil to nour­ish the skin.


8. Sportfx Per­for­mance Pow­der and Bronzer Com­pact Duo £14.99, sportfx.com Sweat­proof and long-lasting, the Sportfx per­for­mance pow­der and bronzer com­pact duo can with­stand ev­ery­thing from HIIT work­outs to marathons. 9. Frénésies Body £220, fre­n­e­sies.com If you can af­ford it, this body-hair­pre­ven­tion cream is an ex­cel­lent in­vest­ment. Rich in se­le­nium, it in­hibits un­wanted stub­ble by block­ing the fol­li­cle in the root, re­duc­ing growth by up to 80 per cent. 10. Nat­u­ral Deodor­ant Cream £7.99, in­dige­nous­beauty. co.uk Show your pits some love with this nour­ish­ing nat­u­ral deodor­ant cream. Thanks to a zesty mix­ture of es­sen­tial oils, ar­row­root and co­conut oil, it of­fers day-long fresh­ness. 11. A’kin Dry Sham­poo £12, ocado.com If you train ev­ery day, sweaty hair comes with the ter­ri­tory. Sav­ing time on daily hair wash­ing, dry sham­poo in­stantly re­freshes oily hair between washes. Sim­ply spray on, brush out and go with con­fi­dence. 12. Ab­so­lute Col­la­gen £29.99, ab­so­lutecol­la­gen.com Col­la­gen is the most abun­dant pro­tein in the body and makes up a large part of our skin, bones and hair. Drink a sa­chet of this liq­uid ev­ery day to fight the signs of age­ing and fast-track your way to healthy skin. 13. Se­bamed Cleans­ing Bar £3.99, se­bamed.co.uk You never know how bad chaf­ing is un­til you hit the show­ers. This soap- and al­ka­lifree bar is bril­liant at restor­ing the mois­ture bal­ance of your skin to help get rid of that dry, sore feel­ing. Smells lovely, too. 14. Work Out Wash Kit £25, mensso­ci­ety.com This travel-sized re­cov­ery kit is packed with good­ness: restora­tive lime­and-basil-in­fused sham­poo and body wash; lemon-andthyme-scented face cream; grape­seed and jo­joba face oil; and a face towel.


15. AB Crew Hair Min­i­miz­ing Body Hy­dra­tor £17, abcrew.co Re­duce your chest rug with­out wax­ing or shav­ing. This is highly mois­tur­is­ing and con­tains plant pro­line com­plex, which, the mak­ers say, slows down the growth process by re­duc­ing meta­bolic ac­tiv­ity. 16. Sports­man Re­cov­ery Kit £25, mensso­ci­ety.com This travel-sized kit con­tains laven­der, san­dal­wood and cedar­wood bath oil to help you un­wind; pep­per­mint, gin­ger and black pep­per mus­cle rub to re­duce in­flam­ma­tion; and a stretchy re­cov­ery band, with man­ual. 17. Espa Fit­ness Shower Oil £32, es­pask­in­care.com Com­bin­ing a blend of West Indian bay and clove bud oils to soothe, laven­der to calm a hec­tic mind and co­conut oil to leave your skin soft, this oil also turns to foam once it hits the water, cre­at­ing a creamy body wash. 18. Per­spirex An­tiper­spi­rant Roll- On £8.49, per­spirex.co.uk Run­ning is a sweaty busi­ness, but con­stant reap­pli­ca­tion of deodor­ant can get te­dious. One ap­pli­ca­tion of un­fra­granced Per­spirex can keep your pits fresh for up to five days. 19. In­stant Clean Balls £5.95, bt­b­groom­ing.co.uk If you don’t have time to shower af­ter a race, a hit of this de­odor­is­ing spray on your crown jew­els en­sures you are re­freshed, com­fort­able, odour-free and con­fi­dent in so­cial sit­u­a­tions. 20. Nivea Body Shav­ing Stick £6, nivea.co.uk This handy balm is a bit like a Pritt Stick and is de­signed for use in the shower. Sim­ply rub it onto your chest (or wher­ever your cho­sen area is) and the light and foamy for­mula will help make the shave pro­ceed more smoothly. 21. Proverb Strength­en­ing Skin Serum £65, proverb­skin.com An anti-age­ing for­mula for re­pair­ing weath­ered skin. It con­tains gly­co­pro­teins – proteins with carbs at­tached to them – which can help re­duce the ap­pear­ance of wrin­kles.


22. Cracked Skin Cream £8.99, whatskin­needs.co.uk All that time spent brav­ing the Bri­tish weather takes its toll on your body. A reg­u­lar blob of this rubbed onto the prob­lem area will smooth rough skin and pro­mote greater elas­tic­ity in the long term. 23. La Puerta Herbal Face Serum £32.20 + ship­ping, ran­chola­puerta.com This is a gen­tle hy­drat­ing treat­ment for the face. Chamomile ex­tract pro­motes youthful skin, while the an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties in cal­en­dula will soothe and re­store. 24. Ac­ti­dren Re­vi­tal­is­ing Leg Gel £15.99, elifexir­nat­u­ral.com Give your legs the at­ten­tion they de­serve with this zesty gel. It’s in­fused with black el­der ex­tract to re­duce in­flam­ma­tion. Ap­ply morn­ing and night to stim­u­late blood flow. 25. Suu Balm £13.90, su­ubalm.com If you can’t stop scratch­ing your flaky run­ner’s skin and are sure you don’t need to go to the doc­tor (stern look), a cou­ple of ap­pli­ca­tions of this mois­tur­is­ing anti-itch cream should help you be read­mit­ted to po­lite so­ci­ety. 26. Espa Mus­cle Res­cue Balm £30, es­pask­in­care.com A lux­u­ri­ous post­train­ing balm. Pep­per­mint and eu­ca­lyp­tus will re­vive ach­ing joints, while the clove bud oil warms and soothes the mus­cles. Co­conut oil helps the skin lock in mois­ture. 27. Olverum Bath Oil £29, olverum.com This lux­u­ri­ous blend of es­sen­tial bath oils – such as Siberian fir nee­dle, ju­niper, eu­ca­lyp­tus, lime and ex­otic ver­bena – has been for­mu­lated for sore mus­cles, and it’s so con­cen­trated it only re­quires half a cap­ful per deca­dent tub. 28. Frances Prescott Tri Balm £48, france­sprescott.com This 3-in-1 balm cleanses, ex­fo­li­ates and mois­turises in one go. Beeswax helps to re­move im­pu­ri­ties, pump­kin en­zyme nat­u­rally ex­fo­li­ates and sweet al­mond oil locks in mois­ture.


29. Foot­logix Ex­fo­li­at­ing Sea­weed Scrub £13.95, el­lisons.co.uk Not only will this stim­u­lat­ing sea­weed scrub scour away the dead skin on your feet, but the blend of mi­croal­gae, oils and pol­ished pumice means it does so with­out be­ing abra­sive. 30. Beau­typro Foot And Cal­lus Peel Treat­ment Bootie £3.95, el­lisons.co.uk Cal­loused feet may well be the ev­i­dence of many a tough race, but they do not look ap­peal­ing in your flip-flops. Smooth hard­ened skin with this hy­drat­ing and an­tibac­te­rial bootie. 31. New­ton’s Char­coal Deodor­ant Foot Cream £3.99, fra­grancedi­rect.com Ac­ti­vated char­coal is used in soaps, tooth­pastes and face masks. Its an­tibac­te­rial qual­i­ties mean it’s per­fect for fresh­en­ing up smelly feet, too. Use daily. 32. CND Marine Cool­ing Min­eral Clay Foot Masque £23.95, el­lisons.co.uk If your toot­sies are hot and both­ered, try this cool­ing masque. A fa­cial for your feet, the clay re­freshes and re­vives so that you are ready for some danc­ing (or your next run). 33. Ex­cilor Fun­gal Nail Treat­ment £23.99, ex­cilor.com Imag­ine a world where you didn’t have to keep those gnarled toe­nails of yours un­der wraps all sum­mer. Make your dream come true: this handy daily ap­pli­ca­tor will zap your fun­gal in­fec­tion away in a few days. 34. Palmer’s Foot Magic Lo­tion £3.99 su­per­drug.com A lit­tle bit of magic can work won­ders. En­riched with pep­per­mint oil and mango but­ter, this is de­signed to pen­e­trate deeply to soften and soothe rough, dry skin. Best ap­plied at night and cov­ered with socks. 35. Canesten Dual Ac­tion £2.95, su­per­drug.com It’s prob­a­bly time to get round to sort­ing out that ath­lete’s foot, eh? Clear up that itchy rash between your toes by ap­ply­ing this cream daily for up to four weeks – your feet will thank you. And so will every­one else.

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