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Go a lit­tle fur­ther (or faster) to reap big re­wards

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How to run for a lit­tle longer – and a lit­tle more

A MILE CAN BE more than just 5,280 feet. For new run­ners, com­plet­ing that first mile is a ma­jor achievement. More sea­soned run­ners find that log­ging an ex­tra mile or two per week builds stamina bet­ter than any other tech­nique. And adding a mile’s worth of faster run­ning to your weekly rou­tine can help you run more ef­fi­ciently. Here’s how to get started and keep go­ing. Work up to a mile Spend your first week of ac­tiv­ity walk­ing ev­ery other day, in­creas­ing to a one-mile walk. Next, in­tro­duce your body to run­ning – walk for a quar­ter of a mile, then in­sert a five-sec­ond jog into each minute. If you be­gin huff­ing and puff­ing, walk for a few min­utes be­fore rein­tro­duc­ing short run seg­ments. Re­peat ev­ery other day, ad­just­ing run/walk times as needed, un­til you can com­fort­ably run most of a mile. ...Then to 30 min­utes If you run for 30 min­utes ev­ery other day you will reach 150 min­utes of ac­tiv­ity each week (the min­i­mum rec­om­mended by health ex­perts). Fo­cus on in­creas­ing the dis­tance of one run each week (with shorter runs on other days). Add a quar­ter of a mile each week, in­creas­ing walk breaks as needed. Once the longer run feels com­fort­able, ex­pand one short run at a time, un­til 30-minute runs are the norm. ...Then add a longer run The best way to make 30-minute runs feel easy (or at least ‘eas­ier’) is to add a weekly longer run. Start by adding half a mile to a week­end run ev­ery other week. Again, re­mem­ber to slow down – the walk breaks that help you catch your breath can also help you avoid the aches and nig­gles that can sur­face when you add mileage. ...Then run a lit­tle faster Speed­work can help you run more smoothly at all paces, but the greater im­pact forces pose an in­jury risk. Don’t sprint – in­stead, speed up by in­creas­ing your cadence. Try this: on a rolling route, let the power of grav­ity pull you down­hill, then glide up the up­hill for a few me­tres. Walk up a bit more, turn around and run the other way, us­ing mo­men­tum to run fur­ther back up. Start with two re­peats and work up to four and then six.

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