When cramp­ing or tight­ness ham­pers your run, use these moves to ease the pain – fast

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How to avoid midrace cramps and pains

NOTH­ING PUTS THE KIBOSH on a run­ner’s high more than a midrun cramp, stitch or other sud­den ache. It can hap­pen any time you’re run­ning, but it tends to be more com­mon on race day, es­pe­cially if you cling stub­bornly to your race plan re­gard­less of your train­ing, the weather, the ter­rain or your body’s cur­rent state, says run­ning coach MaryKather­ine Flem­ing. If pain strikes, pull off to the side of the course and try one of these easy fixes. (At­tempt­ing to push on through a prob­lem could lead to in­jury – so don’t do it!) If the is­sue per­sists or wors­ens, stop run­ning and head to a med­i­cal tent.

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