Stuck for time? Where there’s a will, there’s a way

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An elite run­ning-mum’s per­spec­tive, from Olympic marathoner Liz Yelling ‘ Fit­ting run­ning into a life as a busy mum is about hav­ing a good sup­port net­work. Ei­ther that’s a sup­port­ive part­ner, or par­ents, or a nurs­ery. It’s about cre­at­ing the op­por­tu­ni­ties to get out the door, which may mean get­ting up early, be­fore any­one else. So, how much do you want to do it?

‘Since be­com­ing a par­ent I’ve also learned to stress less about run­ning. If there’s a day where I can’t run, I don’t get hung up on it. I move my week around to fit in the runs I want to do. You have to think of the week as a whole, not that one day in iso­la­tion. I tell my­self if I can run so many runs a week, it doesn’t mat­ter when I get them in as long as I get them in.

‘ When our first, Ruby, was born, I did most of my run­ning in the morn­ing. I’d drop her at nurs­ery three times a week and run for an hour. Some­times I’d push her in the buggy and some­times my hus­band [Martin] and I would run to­gether with her. I would usu­ally run one evening a week with some friends, too, while Martin took over with Ruby. Some­times, at week­ends, we’d all run to­gether in the park, with Ruby in the buggy. It’s all a jug­gling act.’

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