Laura’s typ­i­cal weekly train­ing rou­tine, her favourite food choices and the gear she can’t live without

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‘Es­sen­tial for train­ing, but also at com­pe­ti­tions. You get called at re­ally spe­cific times, so know­ing the time is spot on is es­sen­tial. I’ve al­ways been quite punc­tual and prob­a­bly my big­gest pet hate is be­ing late.’


‘I al­ways have them in my kitbag, just in case of blis­ters. Thank­fully, I rarely need to use them, but when you’re away for train­ing camps and com­pe­ti­tions it’s good to feel like you’re cov­ered for ev­ery even­tu­al­ity.’

Mas­sage stick

‘It’s a stick with rub­bery sec­tions on it that can roll as you move it. It’s quite com­pact and good for loos­en­ing up my calves and Achilles be­fore rac­ing. It’s good for tar­get­ing ar­eas in a way a foam roller can’t.’


‘I train six days a week all-year round, Fri­day is a rest day. We have three track ses­sions a week, on Mon­day, Wed­nes­day and Satur­day, and they tend to be pretty tough. We do quite a lot of stuff at fast pace with short re­cov­er­ies, with the in­ter­vals rang­ing from 200m to 600m. I might do 20 x 200m, or 10 x 600m. The faster you run the reps, the fewer you do. The other three days I’ll go for steady runs. But be­cause I’m a mid­dledis­tance run­ner my mileage is fairly mod­est – I tend to only run 50 or 60 miles a week.’

Strength and con­di­tion­ing

‘Time for this was quite lim­ited be­cause of my veterinary stud­ies, so we just had to get in what we could. But usu­ally I’m in the gym once a week. We do two dif­fer­ent types of cir­cuit – one body-weight, which would in­volve press-ups, sit-ups, tri­ceps dips and moves like that; in the other, I work with a light bar­bell, about 12kg, and do squats, lunges and other leg work.’

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