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I HOPE YOU ARE ALL keeping well in these trying times. While it can be all too easy to become despondent at the moment, focusing on the few positives can help. For example, we have found new levels of resourcefu­lness, whether that’s in finding novel ways to connect with loved ones, stave off boredom or become time-management geniuses in working and teaching from home.

We’ve always loved the freedom our sport gives us and that aspect has become hugely magnified right now, when running offers a precious sense of escape and an opportunit­y to mentally rebalance. So while the coronaviru­s pandemic has forced us all to radically adjust the way we live, it’s more important than ever for us who love running to keep on doing it. In this issue we’ve collected all the expert advice you need to run safely – such as how to love solo runs (p36), how to thrive in isolation (p40) and how to adapt your training following a cancelled/postponed race (p70). We have also temporaril­y removed the Start List roundup of upcoming events until the race scene restarts.

Even though my runs are fairly short at the moment, they’ve never been more valuable. One thing the lockdown has given me is a renewed sense of gratitude for health, freedom and the simple things we often take for granted. And when this is over, I’m going to hold on to that.

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