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Vitamin D supplement­s could be useful even in summer


WE KNOW VITAMIN D is essential for building the strong bones we need to run at our best. In the (generally) sun-starved UK, the majority of us would do well to supplement our vitamin D levels in the winter months. But what about during the summer? Given that vitamin D can also help boost our immune system, some experts are recommendi­ng we continue to supplement during the coronaviru­s pandemic.

‘Most of our vitamin D is produced by our skin when it’s exposed to sunlight,’ says RW nutritioni­st Kim Pearson. ‘During the autumn and winter months, we are typically exposed to less sun and, therefore, our opportunit­y to make vitamin D is reduced. The same goes for when we spend a lot of time indoors – our sun exposure is reduced and, with it, our vitamin D production.’

But before you lose all perspectiv­e and start mainlining the stuff, a word of caution: it is, it seems, possible to have too much. According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Associatio­n in 2019, consuming more than the recommende­d amount of vitamin D – 600 IU (internatio­nal units) per day – could actually decrease your bone density. Moderation in all things…

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